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Started by admin Nov 22nd, 2022 at 00:48
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Nov 22nd, 2022 at 00:48

Hello everyone.
Today we have new rules to announce.
Due to the fact that we have encountered a lot of fraud in viewing advertisements, we have decided that we will only pay members who have activity on our offerwalls ( before request a payout , you need to have 10 leads on the offerwalls). For example 10 ptcs ads or 10 surveys .
Everytime you request a payout please do at least 10 fresh leads.
Our offerwalls have many ads that work just like the ones we have on the ad preview page.
All pending payment requests will be returned to the account if we do not find any activity on the offerwalls.
Normally bots , can't work there.
That's why this big change.
Note : Upgrade Members do not need offerwall history.

Another big change will be that new payment requests will only be made through Airtm and Payeer
If You do not have a airtm account you may Signup By Clickin HERE
This Rule applies to standard members.
All members with membership can request payment as follows :

Example :
On Your Airtm Field :

Perfectmoney - Uxxxxxx

There is the Chance for :

Payeer , perfectmoney , litecoin and faucetpay

Remember Only Upgrade Members

Airtm account needs to be verified , that´s the reason , less cheating.

Hope all understand.
Best regards
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