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Started by Successline Nov 16th, 2021 at 19:54
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Nov 16th, 2021 at 19:54
I have been doing PTC sites as a hobby for 10-15 years. Never really expected to get rich doing it so that is likely why I have stuck around as I just enjoyed meeting other people and considering thr variety of businesses that people advertised on the internet. I also like to analyze people through the ads they place and often wonder if millions of people actually place their lifetime dreams in things like get rich quick PTC sites. Guess at 82 I have become a bit of a pessimist knowing that there are people who put their dreams into such a fragile idea.

Sounds like a downer but I have found it interesting watching the progression/degression of the PTC concept. Many will find this hard to believe but when I started the minimum that was offered was 1 cent per ad clicked. How times have changed you are lucky now to get .01 cents per ad and many are more like .0001 cents.

But I keep doing it as a hobby and to watch how people today have devalued their personal time just for a wild dream of getting rich.

Have a great day and enjoy whatever it is you do and for whatever reason youdo it.. By the way this site EarnUpLine is one of themost interesting I have come across.

God Bless your endeavours.
Bill Stevens

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